Dry Hydrobed Massage

During your next visit to Active Medical & Chiropractic, the chiropractor may recommend you spend some time on our Dry Hydrobed Massage table. Most patients find their experience with the Dry Hydrobed Massage table to be highly enjoyable. The table relaxes the muscles in their back and spine, relieves pain, and encourages circulation, among many other benefits!

How does it work?

During a Dry Hydrobed Massage session, you lie fully clothed on the Hydrobed. Beneath you is a mattress filled with warm water. Powerful hydrojets move water through the mattress in carefully timed waves across your entire back and spine. It’s like you’re getting a relaxing hot bath and a deep tissue massage at the same time, all without getting a drop on you! The Dry Hydrobed Massage therapy is so effective thanks to a combination of flotation, heat, and massage.


Water is naturally buoyant. When you lie on the water-filled Dry Hydrobed mattress, water flows in to support your body, minimizing strain on muscles and weight-bearing joints. This allows the muscles in your body to more fully relax, which in turn increases your body’s natural responsiveness to the therapy.


Water is a great natural conductor of heat. The warm water in the mattress allows heat to quickly penetrate through your skin and deep into your muscles and soft tissues. The heat causes your blood vessels to expand, which in turn increases your circulation. This increases the metabolism in the affected tissues. Heat also has a sedative effect and helps you to relax!


The timed wave pressure on your body works like a soothing massage, increasing venuous and lymphatic flow. This allows healing processes to begin in the affected areas. Hydromassage also helps work out trigger points in your muscles, which often account for a lot of the pain and other problems that patients experience.

Most of our patients love our Dry Hydrobed Massage table, so we make sure everyone gets a chance to try it. Our chiropractors will often use it in preparation for other treatments or after an adjustment to minimize the risk of soreness and pain.

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