What is Spinal Decompression?

If you are experiencing long-lasting back pain, the doctor may decide to treat you through nonsurgical spinal decompression. This is simply the process of gently stretching the spine. By changing the position of the spine and relieving the pressure it exerts on itself, we allow bulging or herniated discs to retract back into place, take pressure off nerves, and promote the movement of water, oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs so that they can heal.

Is Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression for Me?

Nonsurgical spinal decompression can relieve pain in patients who are suffering from:

  • spinal stenosis

  • degenerative disc disease

  • herniated discs

  • bulging discs

  • slipped discs

  • sciatica

  • other forms of recurring back pain

Most importantly, nonsurgical spinal decompression is noninvasive. If your medical care provider is considering surgical spinal decompression, we strongly recommend trying the nonsurgical alternative first! You might save yourself a long and painful recovery.

How does the treatment work?

At Active Medical & Chiropractic, we employ the Accu-SPINA™ System, a unique mechanized pain reduction and healing system that has been shown to have an 86% success rate in treating disc herniation. The Accu-SPINA™ System is the Cadillac™ of nonsurgical spinal decompression systems! This system is able to focus pressure on more specific areas than traditional traction, making it both safer and more effective.

For maximum effectiveness, the doctor may schedule a course of treatments over a 4-6 week period, with a treatment every one to three days. While this may seem like a lot of treatments, each treatment builds on the previous one and it is important to keep up the treatment so as not to lose ground. Studies have shown that most patients can expect some relief after the first 5-8 treatments.

Is it safe and effective?

Yes. The Accu-SPINA™ System is approved by the FDA as a Class II medical device. IDD therapy using the Accu-SPINA™ System has been validated clinically and trials and studies were published in Practical Pain Management Magazine, the American Journal of Pain Management, and Orthopedic Technology Review. Where ordinary spinal traction can sometimes produce muscle spasms, IDD therapy reduces the odds of this by applying negative pressure to specific areas of the spine rather than the entire length. The Accu-SPINA™ System has been shown to have up to an 86% success rate in the treatment of disc herniation.

If you have been suffering from chronic back pain and have had trouble finding relief, our nonsurgical spinal decompression treatment using the Accu-SPINA™ System could be the answer you are looking for.

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